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Recent Press

"Say so-long to Q-tips and those huge, awkward water syringes. If Seattle startup SafKan Health gets its way, antiquated ear cleaning devices will be a thing of the past."

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"[...] brothers Aadil and Sahil Diwan see in it an alluring business opportunity. They’ve launched SafKan, a Seattle company they hope will be to earwax what Sonicare is to dental plaque."

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"The OtoSet device [...] is designed to offer an alternative to ear syringing — a procedure that 12 million [American] patients receive each year and is the leading standard of care."

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"The hope is that offering a consumer version will decrease use of cotton swabs, which have been found to damage or irritate [...] or even puncture a person's ear drum."

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"OtoSet removes impacted earwax in about five minutes versus 20 to 30 minutes for traditional removal with a syringe. Shaving earwax with a metal scoop takes even longer."

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"It turns out all that poking and jabbing makes earwax buildup even worse. [...] Now, there may be a new solution next time you drop by the doctor’s office: Earwax cleaning headphones."

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