SafKan Health OtoSet Ear Cleaning System


Reduces total procedure time from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes


Ear tips are designed to spray towards the walls of the ear canals


Clinically proven to remove mild to severe earwax impactions

Mess Free

Collects all liquid and earwax into disposable waste containers

" As an educator of primary care physicians, I can envision physicians of the future using OtoSet as an essential tool in patient care. "

Dr. Kato (UW Medicine)
SafKan Health OtoSet Ear Cleaning System

How it works

OtoSet features liquid flow directed from solution containers through disposable ear tips and towards the walls of the ear canals to breakdown earwax. Continuous suction draws the liquid and earwax back through the ear tips and into disposable waste containers for a mess free earwax removal procedure.

  • Performs bilateral and unilateral procedures
  • Hygienic with disposable ear tips and waste containers
  • Easy to clean and disinfect with alcohol (IPA) wipes
  • Move from room-to-room with no wires or tubes
  • 50+ earwax removal procedures per battery charge

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